Nursing's Role in Implementing the Affordable Care Act

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Executive Summary

ANA-Illinois has been a staunch supporter of health care reform. ANA-Illinois believes that health care is a basic human right. ANA-Illinois affirms that the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) greatly increases access to care for millions of people, and believes it will strengthen and improve the health care system for generations to come. The law also includes provisions that will help transform our state and nation’s health care system from one that focuses on ‘sick’ care to one focused on prevention, primary care and disease management. In addition, improving the care of patients with chronic illnesses is cost-effective. An additional focus is on the use of evidence-based (EBP) practice guidelines. ANA-Illinois urges the state of Illinois to implement health care reform in a manner consistent with the provisions of the PPACA and the needs of the people of Illinois.

With the increase in the volume of patients who will enter the health care system as a result of their increased access to care, it becomes even more essential that nurses in all roles and settings assume a more active role in patient care, as well as in participating in forums where policy discussions are debated and decisions are made. It is also essential that nurses become involved in health care reform at the individual, community, and statewide levels.

ANA-Illinois encourages nurses to become more informed about the provisions of this law and explain these new benefits to their patients in order for them to access both insurance coverage and health care services. The benefits in the new law will help consumers optimize their health and protect their financial security.

ANA-Illinois stands ready to work collaboratively to safely reform healthcare in Illinois.